Creating A Space In Your Home For Prayer

Something I think vital for every Catholic household is to create or reserve a place in one’s home for prayer. No, I’m not asking you to usher in stained glass or gut the guest bedroom and haul in an altar. But I do think it’s important for there to be some kind of sacred space that your family knows is reserved for prayer.

I grew up in a household that had a specific corner for prayer. Mom had a two-tiered table that had our Bible, a crucifix, short devotionals, Sacred and Immaculate Heart icons, and a rosary or ten laying on it. The table wasn’t always tidy, but it was holy, and my family would more than a few times go there to pray.

Creating this space for prayer can and will do wonders for you and your family’s prayer life because a) it will serve as a constant reminder that you need to pray, and b) offer you a place to better focus your attention on God.

Bonus points to those who have this space blessed by a priest!

Start with a table and a Bible. Then let it grow from there.

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