What Discernment Is And What Discernment Is Not

I was in the seminary studying to be a priest for 3 ½ years. It was truly the best time of my life (yes, my wife knows and appreciates me saying that).

It was in the seminary where I truly learned the art of discernment that the Church calls us to foster. Now, it’s important to note that our understanding of what true discernment is, is very often not how the Church defines it.

For instance, I often hear of people “discerning” a decision in their life, by which they mean merely thinking long and hard about it.

True discernment, though, is not where I think of what I want out of a given situation or my life. True discernment is rather where I ask what it is that God wants of me.

And that takes a lot listening.

More than anything, know this art is not simply for “professional Catholics” i.e. priests and nuns and deacons and seminarians. Discernment is for ALL of us who, everyday, are doing our best to grow closer to God.

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