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"We crave spirituality that is practical and truly lived, and this is what you will experience when you read Mission of the Family by Jon Leonetti. Having just witnessed his excellent presentation to more than 600 men in Louisville, I read his book and find a Christian man who makes good use of his experience as a husband, father and evangelizer to give a living witness that Jesus Christ continues in our age to give life and abundance in and through His Church. Restoring family life in our culture requires witness like Jon Leonetti. I recommend his very accessible book."



   Archbishop of Louisville

   President of the USCCB


"How will the world change? What is the key to moving the culture from death to life and from idols to God? The key is to communicate God’s will to people in a way that they can understand it and do it. The best place to pass on God’s magnificent plan of sheer goodness is in the family. Mission of the Family serves as an excellent guide to equip families so that their change will change the world.”



Founder: The Great Adventure Bible Studies 


"With Practical wisdom, keen insight, and a profound sense of the spiritual life, Jon Leonetti will help you and your family come to a better understanding of your Catholic faith and how to practice it at home, in your local parish, and in the world we live. Whether you’re single, married, or a priest, this book is for you!”


IMMACULEE ILIBAGIZA                                                                      

New York Times Best Selling Author of Left To Tell


“Jon has written a very helpful sketching of what God intends for your family. Enlightening, meaningful, and a helpful resource that can be used by any of us.”



Author of Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor


“In a busy society, there is nothing more challenging yet joy-filled than nurturing a holy family. If you’ve ever hoped for a complete yet easy to understand guide for fostering and maintaining a happy family, this is it!”



President and Founder of Catholics Come Home and VirtueMedia

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