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Jon is happy to provide a short and personal invitation at the weekend Masses of the parish mission. This is the most important part of the marketing process.


A microphone is all that Jon needs to be provided during the mission.

[optional extras included in the mission]

Jon would be happy to provide a 45 minute talk to the youth and/or young adult group on the Saturday or Sunday afternoon prior to the start of the mission. Jon is also willing to visit any of the sick or homebound of the parish who are unable to share in the experience of the mission.


If possible, Jon asks that the evenings mission be held in the Church proper. This allows for an environment the community is comfortable in, setting the tone for a deeply spiritual experience.


Ideal start time for the parish mission is 6:30 or 7:00pm each evening, lasting one hour and ten minutes. This is to allow young families and elderly the convenience for a reasonable dinner and bedtime.



Marketing is the vital component for a successful mission. Jon and his team work with each parish, months before, implementing a proven marketing strategy, providing materials and insight, to achieve maximum turnout. No matter the size of the parish, this plan has proven successful to double and even triple previous mission turnouts.


Note: Upon request, to off-set the expenses of the mission, Jon will happily ask for a collection – going directly to the parish – reminding the faithful of the care and love the parish has for them and their spiritual growth. 

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